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The Distro!!!

Heres a bunch of CDs and Records. Some of these releases may be cheaper through the releasing label. Postage is extra, multiple items cheaper.

All hardcore punk labels, lets trade. SORRY, NO TRADES AT PRESENT

LFDD releases in bold

7”s $8

Active Minds – Behind the mask Really great political thrash punk. Released 1993.

Active Minds – dis is getting pathetic more awesome political thrash punk, with a real dig at generic shit ‘dis’-garbage, released 1995.

Active Minds – the national lotta e Awesome political thrash punk, released late 90s

Active Minds – recipe for disaster This is my favourite AM release. Killer tracks. released 2000

Active Minds – the lunatics have taken over the asylum this is a flexi, free to a good home (ie someone who is actually interested in the band, not just scoring free shit)

Attack SS - No Nukes - more crazy fucked up noisy Japanese hardcore punk. this is their second 7".

Burnt Cross / Cress – split really great anarcho punk!! Burnt Cross are absolutely fuckin amazing, awesome lyrics, simple yet catchy music. Cress are good also, a bit more experimental.

Cop De Fona – Instint De Venjanca. Awesome, ripping hardcore punk from Spain. Its pretty heavy and has a slight crust sound, especially the abrasive vocals. Full throttle, Fuckin sick mate!!

The Craw / Deathgrenade – primitive thrash split 7” heavy thrashing hardcore punk from Perth. 10000s of copies, some on pink vinyl.

Dclone / Nerveskade - Obscene Noise Violence split 7" - Two bands at the top of their game, playing raw, noisy fucking hardcore punk. $10 each.

D-Clone / System Fucker - split 7" - System Fucker continue with their pummelling approach to hardcore punk from the debut 7". D-Clone can do no wrong, extreme Dbeat worship.

Exacerbacion / Psychotic Sufferance - split 7" oldschool hardcore grind sound from Costa Rica / Malaysia. good shit yo.

Extortion - Demo - The best current powerviolence/fastcore band playing. This is where it all began, the original 4-track demo recording, recently reissued to vinyl. the 7" also includes 2 unreleased studio tracks to boot.

Folkeiis - Destroy Agony EP - Finnish hardcore punk worship from Japan.

Glöm Dä! - I Skuggan Av Eran Stia 7". Swedish dbeat/crusty hardcore punk. Heavy, hardhitting stuff, as you would expect from a Swedish HC band.

Helpless, The - Absurd Human Performance - Yankees who do great Kuro worship, though this has a bit more Confuse/raw punk sound creeping in.

Kruel / Unlearn - split - Kruel (USA) play straight up dbeat with spanish vocals, Unlearn (Canada) do a similar thing but with more power and chaos.

Leprosy - 5 track EP - Really great, noisy, relentless UK82 worship from Melbourne punx.

Loser Life – euro tour 7”. modern HC from the US. Almost like an arty/indie hardcore punk with a fair whack of melody. Im not too familiar with this style but to me it sounds like a cross between Fugazi and Fucked Up.

Los Rezios / Dissect - split 7" - politcal hardcore from Peru split with dbeat crust from finland.

Mauser - End of the Line EP - Raw, noisy dbeat from this new US band. bloody great 7".

Nerveskade / Perdition - split 7" - Really great stuff from both these bands from the US of A. Nerveskade remind me a lot of the great Disorder, while Perdition share the noise but are heavier and sound more akin to DOOM. This split bloody shreds!!!

Perdition - s/t - Heavy, blown out, hardcore punk from New York. Brings early Disorder and Doom to mind. $6 each.

Rottenfux- s/t - US band playing noisy hardcore heavily influenced by 80s punx Disorder, GAI and Confuse (i think...).

Shock Value - Yellow Peril - Brisbane band playing fast hardcore influenced by all the classic 80s US hardcore stuff.

Strong as Ten / Koenigstein Youth - split 7" - both bands from France play fast, powerful hardcore.

Sistema de Aniquilacion / Warvictims - split 7"- killer crusty dbeat hardcore from peru and sweden

Terror Firmer / Minkions – split 7”. Good shit from Italy, Terror Firmer play heavy grindcore type stuff, I hear more of the old stenchcore sound (especially the vocals) than modern grindcore, which is fuckin great in my book as i think modern grind generally stinks, this is great shit. Minkions do a more US HC/skatethrash sound.

Warchildren - s/t - Really great, messed up hardcore from Brisbane. Its hard to describe but i highly recommend this. chaotic!!
Weaving the Deathbag – the devils punchline USHC

Warthreat - s/t - Extreme noise dbeat. Really tough dudes!!

Yoiaseeton Pohjola - euro-ohjukset EP - Seriously awesome hardcore punk from Finland. The music is harsh and the vocals are so painful. Only one copy. ($5)

Varaus S.S. - 2003-2007 (RIP) - Varaus, Crude SS, Japanese hardcore... If you like these things than you will probably dig this 10". A posthumous release that compiles 3 demos and live tracks from Japan's Varaus S.S. Comes with 2x pins and a sticker. $15AU

Aus Rotten - The Rotten Agenda - fast, hard, political punk from the late 90s/early 00s. Listen and think!!! $18

Crucifix - Dehumanization - these guys are to american hardcore what discharge is to british hardcore. fucking great/classic LP, with blistering hardcore tunes and amazing lyrics. $18

Heratys -s/t LP - The best swedish hardcore ever!!! think Totalitar and Skitkids. A bloody awesome record. $12

Infernoh - War Tjard - First Press on black vinyl. 180g. Really heavy thick cardboard jacket. Awesome record of raging Swedish hardcore punk. Debut LP. $25

Mellakka – RIP recordings 1984 – 1986 awesome discography of my favourite hardcore punk band from Finland. This LP is really great. On white vinyl. I highly recommend!!! $20

Oi Polloi - ar ceol ar canan ar-a-mach LP - Scottish anarcho punx. The best record ive listened to from this band. Very political, very pissed-off, and sung in their native tongue of Gaelic. $12

Terveet Kadet - Aareton propaganda - Classic 80s hardcore punk from Finland. bloody catchy, bloody great discography of their early releases. $20

CDs $5
Disforia / Bloodraised – in grind we crust the title says it all... two bands from Italy playing heavy crust, grind stuff.

Slogan Free Youth - Please try this at home - hate filled, antisocial lyrics over abbrassive hardcore punk tunes. Sydney hardcore. $10 each

SSA – III EP 3rd recording of 80s punk rock and hardcore worship with a dash of reggae. many copies

Surprise Sex Attack - ...a romantic interlude 80s inspired hardcore punk from Perth. Many copies
Terserah / Terlarang – tersplit grinding thrash from these two bands hailing from Indonesia and Malaysia. 10 copies

VA - Dystopian Nightmare
- Zudas Krust / Bullet Proof / Psychotic Sufferance 3-way split CD. Heavy hitting hardcore and grind punk from these three bands.

VA – noisy goreng
deathgrenade, the craw, projekbabi and krasskepala. Hardcore punk split between West Aussie punks and Java, Indonesia punks.

VA – the path to true independence. Beyond Description, Asbestos, Totsugeki Sensy, Destruction. Japanese hardcore punk split CD. 10 tracks all up ranging from crust to thrash punk.

VA - underground asia - Really great compilation of bands spanning the far reaches of Asia, from the Sinai peninsular of Egypt, to China, Indonesia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines and many more! 21 tracks from 21 countries. Covers a lot of punk sub-genre territory, and i think most of the tracks are rad. read a much better description here:

Diplomatic Immunity - Punx Newsletter - elitist opinions, ignorant comments and random interviews with punx. FREE     Issue #3 is available for download.

More Noize - #6 - i think this is my favourite zine of late. really great enthusiastic writing on all things noisy and punk. this issue is a bit lighter on content than the previous few issues, but still a good read. $1.50

More Noize - #7. Really great zine that covers noizy hardcore punk. $4 each

Ex-Craw - Extinct - 18 tracks of thrashing hardcore punk. $2 each. can burn to CDR

Hondartzako Hondakinak - demo tape - New French hardcore punk band that really reminds me off Wretched crossed with some of the raw punk coming out of Spain recently. Cool shit!! $5 each.

Video Nasty - Live at blackwire 2011 01 09 - Aussie hardcore, live set. $3 each

Zudas Krust / To-Die / Korrupt - 3 way split tape - Split release between Indonesian hardcore punk bands. Zudas Krust play shredding raw punk. To-Die play fast grind. Korrupt worship the dbeat. $3.50

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hey, the following distros/record stores/labels are stocking the Craw / Deathgrenade split 7":

78 Records from Perth WA w: (CD releases also)
DaDa records from Perth WA (CD releases also)
Endless Blockades distro from QLD e: endlessblockades_orders at yahoo com
Tenzenmen distro from NSW w: (Noisy Goreng CD also)
No Patience from SA w:
Missing Link store in Melbourne VIC (CD releases also)

Elsewhere (probably a lot cheaper than ordering from me for foreigners):
Kangaroo Records from France
Strawberry Punx Records from Switzerland
Yellow Dog Records from Germany
Loony Tunes Records from UK
Kandar Mosh Distro from Malaysia (Noisy Goreng CD also)
Delusion of Terror Records from Philipines (Noisy Goreng CD only)
Scull Crasher Distro from Greece w:
THC and DIY Records from Austria
Six Weeks Records from USA e:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

buy stuff on the net

ive set up a web shop thingy, doesnt have all the releases but the newer ones are there. you can buy stuff via paypal. check it yo.

The Craw / Deathgrenade - split 7" - Primitive Thrash

500 pressed (LFDD 005). released July 2010

Excited to announce the first vinyl release on LFDD records. The Craw team up with Deathgrenade to unleash an all out thrash attack. Both bands from Perth, Western Australia, playing fast, angry, raw, thrashing hardcore punk. 3 tracks from the Craw and 7 tracks from Deathgrenade. 500 pressed, 400 on limited black vinyl, the rest on pink. get em while theyre hot yo.

(zip file. approx. 20Mb. includes artwork and an extra Craw track from the 'noisy goreng' split CD)

The Craw Demo 09 download

Hey, download The Craw's demo from last year here

Noisy Goreng - split CD - Deathgrenade, The Craw, Projekbabi, KrassKepala

500 CDs pressed (LFDD 007). Released July 2010.

Noisy Goreng - 4 way split CD - Deathgrenade, The Craw, Projekbabi, KrassKepala
4 bands playing thrash punk, 2 from Western Australia, 2 from Java Indonesia. Deathgrenade kick it off with some fast as fuck, intense, angry, fucking hardcore. Smash your face... 7 tracks from these friendly lads. The Craw = thrash!!! 4 tracks of chaotic, thrash punk... wear your bib ya geek. 6 tracks from Projekbabi - a mess of RAW noise attack!!! total Disclose worship fuckers (2 of the tracks are Disclose covers, nuff said). KrassKepala round this shit off with 4 tracks of grinding, sledgehammer, hardcore to mash whats left of your hearing into a soupy pulp. Noisy Goreng, fuckin sweet mate!! 8 bucks ($AU) postage paid to anywhere in the whole wide world.

Friday, April 23, 2010

SSA - III 6 song CD EP

500 CDs pressed. (LFDD006). released April 2010

The new SSA CD has arrived. 6 tracks of punk rock that take large influence from 80s hardcore and streetpunk with an added dash of reggae. $8 postage paid.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Craw / Deathgrenade split 7"

Hey, all set for a split 7" release of The Craw with new Perth crusty hardcore act Deathgrenade. Studio time is booked in for mid Jan for both bands, so if all goes well will hopefully have it all together in March 2010. keep those ears cleaned out for further news. Psyched about this as vinyl is my preferred medium to listen to and this will be the first vinyl release from us here at Live Fast Die Drunk Records. both bands have a myspace you can google. (fuck im lazy)

The Craw - Demo 09

Burnt CDr, approximately 100 copies made. released mid to late 2009

More studio recorded tracks from The Craw. With this one the music was heading a bit further away from the thrash metal influences towards thrashy hardcore. same shitty outlook in the lyrics.

Live Fast Die Drunk - 4 way split CD

500 CDs pressed. (LFDD004). released early 09. SOLD OUT

A 4 way split release of Perth punk bands The Lungs, zxspecky, The New Husseins and Surprise Sex Attack. Includes 5-6 unreleased tracks from each band. Each band got a 1/4 of the CDs. The Lungs play oldschool 70s punk with Aussie yobbo pub rock influence, crazy live show. zxspecky have a self-described 'high speed distorto pop' sound, catchy and pretty damned easy to listen to. The New Husseins are a straight up, ball tearing, punk rock machine. Ripper songs. SSA play fast streetpunk with a dash of reggae/ska (and a cover of folk classic 'Dirty Old Town').

The Craw - Figure 241. Single Abdominal Wound

150 CD. (LFDD003). SOLD OUT. released Dec 08.

This was a pretty limited debut release from The Craw that is now Sold Out unfortunately. It was recorded at Cellar Sessions Studios in mid 2008 by Maxx Ducker.Includes 'Shut The Fuck Up' a cover of Perth's favourite terrorcore band The Magoos.

Surprise Sex Attack - ...a romantic interlude CD

500 CDs. (LFDD002)

Debut release. It was recorded in a rehearsal room by Fritz (New Husseins) for free, mixed and mastered by a friend in Denmark. Its got a bit of a streetpunk mixed with old hardcore sound to it with some raw reggae/ska riffs mixed in.

WA Decay - West Aussie Punk Compilation

OK, so I'm gonna start by putting up all the old releases starting with the first release we put out - WA Decay...Noise From Across the Desert. (LFDD001). 500 CDs pressed. SOLD OUT.

This CD was released back in mid to late 2007. We decided to release this CD as a bit of a collection of all the rad Western Australian punk bands that were either still playing or had played in the last 5 or so years. Came up with 29 tracks that covers a pretty broad spectrum of the punk genre; from hardcore to streetpunk to garage to rockabilly. Tracklist is as follows:
  1. Extortion – Useless
  2. Battletruk – Brokehead
  3. Jaws - Fucking Re-runs
  4. The Magoos – Shut the Fuck Up
  5. Nine Must Die – Nine Must Die
  6. PC Thug – Mortal Life
  7. Nailed Down – All Enemies Break Down
  8. Surprise Sex Attack – Bleed
  9. The Homicides – 666 Pack
  10. New Husseins – Damaged Goods
  11. 3 Days Later – Stupit War / My Flag
  12. Mickey Flash - We Don't Give a Shit
  13. Pillar of Hope – Sk8 Drunk
  14. zxspecky – Service Orientated
  15. Python – Hot Pussy
  16. The Sure-Fire Midnights – Gotta Live
  17. Project Mayhem – Cop Song (Sworn At Spat On Kicked and Bashed)
  18. Chainsaw Hookers – Nazi Werewolf Attack
  19. Crossbones – Right Leg Action
  20. Standard Deviants – Rock 'n Roll Pimp Daddy
  21. Burning Fiction – Sacrifice
  22. The Kuillotines – The Beat Rolls On
  23. The Lungs – Get Up
  24. Fear of Comedy – March of the Blood
  25. Moonlight Wranglers – Half of it
  26. Mongrel Country – Curse of Dlagon
  27. The Beverly Killbillies – Heart of Darkness
  28. Macarburettors - Ain't Gonna Stop
  29. The Jacknives – School for Scandal
Here is the press release we sent out:

“Two scumbags got together and decided that they wanted to create a compilation CD of recent Punk, Rock and Hardcore tunes from Western Australian bands. After a shitload of fucking around asking bands for songs, sorting out artwork and deciding on a track listing (a lot harder than was imagined) they have produced "WA Decay... Noise from Across the Desert!" A compilation of 29 WA bands that will make you cry, make you bleed, make you smash stuff and possibly make you die.”

So yeah anyway, from humble beginnings and all that...

The CD is now sold out, I have been contemplating putting all the Sold Out stuff from our label up for download at some point so i guess if anyone is interested let me know. And if any band on the CD has a problem with their stuff being made free to download let me know as well.

Download it here (approx. 130MB w/artwork):

Friday, January 1, 2010

Whoah... joining the revolution.

Hey this is the first post of what will hopefully be many. Small record label from Perth Western Australia. Mainly interested in releasing punk music. bam!