Saturday, January 2, 2010

WA Decay - West Aussie Punk Compilation

OK, so I'm gonna start by putting up all the old releases starting with the first release we put out - WA Decay...Noise From Across the Desert. (LFDD001). 500 CDs pressed. SOLD OUT.

This CD was released back in mid to late 2007. We decided to release this CD as a bit of a collection of all the rad Western Australian punk bands that were either still playing or had played in the last 5 or so years. Came up with 29 tracks that covers a pretty broad spectrum of the punk genre; from hardcore to streetpunk to garage to rockabilly. Tracklist is as follows:
  1. Extortion – Useless
  2. Battletruk – Brokehead
  3. Jaws - Fucking Re-runs
  4. The Magoos – Shut the Fuck Up
  5. Nine Must Die – Nine Must Die
  6. PC Thug – Mortal Life
  7. Nailed Down – All Enemies Break Down
  8. Surprise Sex Attack – Bleed
  9. The Homicides – 666 Pack
  10. New Husseins – Damaged Goods
  11. 3 Days Later – Stupit War / My Flag
  12. Mickey Flash - We Don't Give a Shit
  13. Pillar of Hope – Sk8 Drunk
  14. zxspecky – Service Orientated
  15. Python – Hot Pussy
  16. The Sure-Fire Midnights – Gotta Live
  17. Project Mayhem – Cop Song (Sworn At Spat On Kicked and Bashed)
  18. Chainsaw Hookers – Nazi Werewolf Attack
  19. Crossbones – Right Leg Action
  20. Standard Deviants – Rock 'n Roll Pimp Daddy
  21. Burning Fiction – Sacrifice
  22. The Kuillotines – The Beat Rolls On
  23. The Lungs – Get Up
  24. Fear of Comedy – March of the Blood
  25. Moonlight Wranglers – Half of it
  26. Mongrel Country – Curse of Dlagon
  27. The Beverly Killbillies – Heart of Darkness
  28. Macarburettors - Ain't Gonna Stop
  29. The Jacknives – School for Scandal
Here is the press release we sent out:

“Two scumbags got together and decided that they wanted to create a compilation CD of recent Punk, Rock and Hardcore tunes from Western Australian bands. After a shitload of fucking around asking bands for songs, sorting out artwork and deciding on a track listing (a lot harder than was imagined) they have produced "WA Decay... Noise from Across the Desert!" A compilation of 29 WA bands that will make you cry, make you bleed, make you smash stuff and possibly make you die.”

So yeah anyway, from humble beginnings and all that...

The CD is now sold out, I have been contemplating putting all the Sold Out stuff from our label up for download at some point so i guess if anyone is interested let me know. And if any band on the CD has a problem with their stuff being made free to download let me know as well.

Download it here (approx. 130MB w/artwork):

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