Thursday, July 8, 2010

buy stuff on the net

ive set up a web shop thingy, doesnt have all the releases but the newer ones are there. you can buy stuff via paypal. check it yo.

The Craw / Deathgrenade - split 7" - Primitive Thrash

500 pressed (LFDD 005). released July 2010

Excited to announce the first vinyl release on LFDD records. The Craw team up with Deathgrenade to unleash an all out thrash attack. Both bands from Perth, Western Australia, playing fast, angry, raw, thrashing hardcore punk. 3 tracks from the Craw and 7 tracks from Deathgrenade. 500 pressed, 400 on limited black vinyl, the rest on pink. get em while theyre hot yo.

(zip file. approx. 20Mb. includes artwork and an extra Craw track from the 'noisy goreng' split CD)

The Craw Demo 09 download

Hey, download The Craw's demo from last year here

Noisy Goreng - split CD - Deathgrenade, The Craw, Projekbabi, KrassKepala

500 CDs pressed (LFDD 007). Released July 2010.

Noisy Goreng - 4 way split CD - Deathgrenade, The Craw, Projekbabi, KrassKepala
4 bands playing thrash punk, 2 from Western Australia, 2 from Java Indonesia. Deathgrenade kick it off with some fast as fuck, intense, angry, fucking hardcore. Smash your face... 7 tracks from these friendly lads. The Craw = thrash!!! 4 tracks of chaotic, thrash punk... wear your bib ya geek. 6 tracks from Projekbabi - a mess of RAW noise attack!!! total Disclose worship fuckers (2 of the tracks are Disclose covers, nuff said). KrassKepala round this shit off with 4 tracks of grinding, sledgehammer, hardcore to mash whats left of your hearing into a soupy pulp. Noisy Goreng, fuckin sweet mate!! 8 bucks ($AU) postage paid to anywhere in the whole wide world.