Saturday, September 4, 2010


hey, the following distros/record stores/labels are stocking the Craw / Deathgrenade split 7":

78 Records from Perth WA w: (CD releases also)
DaDa records from Perth WA (CD releases also)
Endless Blockades distro from QLD e: endlessblockades_orders at yahoo com
Tenzenmen distro from NSW w: (Noisy Goreng CD also)
No Patience from SA w:
Missing Link store in Melbourne VIC (CD releases also)

Elsewhere (probably a lot cheaper than ordering from me for foreigners):
Kangaroo Records from France
Strawberry Punx Records from Switzerland
Yellow Dog Records from Germany
Loony Tunes Records from UK
Kandar Mosh Distro from Malaysia (Noisy Goreng CD also)
Delusion of Terror Records from Philipines (Noisy Goreng CD only)
Scull Crasher Distro from Greece w:
THC and DIY Records from Austria
Six Weeks Records from USA e:

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  1. Cheers from Uruguay!!!!!!!!!!