Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live Fast Die Drunk - 4 way split CD

500 CDs pressed. (LFDD004). released early 09. SOLD OUT

A 4 way split release of Perth punk bands The Lungs, zxspecky, The New Husseins and Surprise Sex Attack. Includes 5-6 unreleased tracks from each band. Each band got a 1/4 of the CDs. The Lungs play oldschool 70s punk with Aussie yobbo pub rock influence, crazy live show. zxspecky have a self-described 'high speed distorto pop' sound, catchy and pretty damned easy to listen to. The New Husseins are a straight up, ball tearing, punk rock machine. Ripper songs. SSA play fast streetpunk with a dash of reggae/ska (and a cover of folk classic 'Dirty Old Town').

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