Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zudas Krust / To-Die / Korrupt - 3 way split tape

LFDD 008 Zudas Krust / To-Die / Korrupt - 3 way split tape
This is the latest release here at LFDD Records. Its a split release with Doombringer Records from Indonesia (Esa from Zudas Krusts's label) and Kruusthornier records also from Indonesia.

The three bands are from various parts of Indonesia and all play ripping hardcore punk (though various sub-genres as described in the flyer above). Im pretty stoked to be able to help with this, but all credit is due to Esa for organising the whole thing.

Im selling copies for $3.50 (plus postage and paypal fees, in aussie currency), you may find it cheaper through the other two labels if your outside Australia.

Ive also got to mention that the 3 songs Zudas Krust have on this tape are fucking awesome!!!
contact: livefastdiedrunk at yahoo dot com dot au for a copy


  1. hi shane, just want to inform you that kruusthornier records is from indonesia, not chezch republic :D


  2. ha, not sure why i thought czech republic. cheers mate, just changed that.